Toolkit for Modifying Evidence-Based Practices to Increase Cultural Competence

Judith Samuels, PhD, Wendy Schudrich, MSW

and Deborah Altschul, PhD

The Toolkit for Modifying Evidence-Based Practices to Increase Cultural Competence provides a step-by-step methodology for mental health practitioners and agency administrators to identify and evaluate evidence-based practices (EBPs) for possible modification for cultural groups.

The framework presented in the Toolkit is divided into four major sections:
•    Working with Communities
•    Selecting an EBP
•    Modifying EBPs
•    Implementation

The Toolkit methodology recognizes the multi-disciplinary nature of mental health service delivery and can be used in a wide range of settings from individual clinician practices to large public organizations.

Auxiliary Materials: 

In addition to providing a specific step-by-step methodology, the Toolkit contains additional tools to help users apply the Toolkit effectively.  These materials can be used to enhance the effectiveness of the Toolkit in a variety of settings.

Additional tools available to Toolkit users include:

•    Case studies that highlight the use of the Toolkit methodology in practice.

Case Study 3

Case Study 4

•    An accompanying checklist and workbook to help Toolkit users apply the methodology in an easy-to-use manner.  These are also available as a link from our website.

•    Instruments to help assess organizations’ levels of cultural competence and readiness for change.

•    A complete annotated bibliography with additional information on cultural competence within the field of mental health care.

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Carole Siegel, Ph.D.

Gary Haugland, MA
Lenora Reid-Rose, MBA

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